The Silk Concept


The ones who are Left Behind, The Forgotten Parts

We celebrate the Assamese culture and predominantly its people, the tribal communities that shoulder the responsibility of crafting fine silk fabrics woven through traditional techniques that keep the cultural authenticity alive setting them apart from the rest of the world.

Our handloom production adapts gracefully to the changing times, the use of natural ingredients, giving the skilled weavers the acknowledgment, they deserve and bringing everyone a step closer to nature one product at a time, are the ideologies that make for strong pillars of a foundation that we have laid for our brand.

1. Socially Conscious- because every piece tells a story….

As a company we want to value our journey with the supplier, artisans and customers. Appreciating such values will help in bringing closer to the products by being radically transparent.

2. Community development to uplift the artisans.

To ensure that artisans feel empowered and enjoys the crafts that it rightfully deserves. We build a community which can survive through natural calamities and support such crafts will help in the upliftment for these artisans.

Our suppliers provide regular incentives, trainings and skill developments to the weavers so that they can weave smoothly and their status is recognised. Quality checks and regular visit to our supply chain will help in creating good long lasting products.

3. Sustainably reviving crafts through product development.

Assamese textile is known for its fine quality, brightness of colour and durably. Regular visits to our artisans and suppliers  helps them to create culturally authentic products for the global markets.

We work with technology which can speed up the reeling process without doing any harm to the environment and the weavers. Surviving through the new technology advancements helps in connecting the needs of the consumers to the artisans.

4. Preserving and promoting of Assam Weaving heritage.

Assamese weavers are true to their tradition and roots. One of the most important goals for us is to preserve and promote the Assam Weaving heritage around the world.

We plan to establish the brand in the global platform where the weavers receive fair wage on the products that they make. This will bring the cultural heritage work of the weavers a sense of recognition for its craft.

5. Embracing Womanhood To empower women weavers

Our brand colour ‘Crimson’ celebrates the colour of womanhood.

We work with suppliers whose first priority is to keep the women weavers safe and sound so that we as a social enterprise help in keeping the age-old tradition alive and empower them. They teach them how to read, learn and do basic savings so that their self esteem and confidence is boosted even further. We are grateful to our suppliers who help in providing basic incentives and regular heath check ups as well.

6. We appreciate and support slow design and process (Quality over Quantity)

We take time to produce and will be carried out in small production but it will bring you closer to being ethically correct in the fashion world where everything is going in such fast pace. Its our duty as a young start up social innovative label to slow down the process.

7. Positive impact on the environment

We respect our planet and ecosystem. Being conscious of our environment has brought us closer to being ethically accountability in the fashion world where everything is going fast. Being honest with the waste management and causing no harm is always in our mind. We make sure that our suppliers understand this ethos so that we support zero waste management and dye waste management.

8. Social Donation Through Unique Product Innovation 

In order to mark and honour the core identity that Assam carries that is its One-Horned Rhinos- which are on the brink of extinction- we designed a line of hair accessory, we call it ‘Rhinears’. We are in a serious mission to donate a percentage of our profit through this product line for Saving The Rhinos in Assam.