The Silk Concept

Founder’s Letter

Making 06 Aug, 2020

I am Ishita Das, founder of The Silk Concept. I was born in Assam, India & then went to boarding school in Rajasthan & then to Singapore for my higher education. Over the years I have come to understand different cultures & was able to build an unconditional love for art & fashion.

This label is an outcome of my final year college project-3 years ago- wherein I formulated a brand that would work to revive the silk industry of Assam and bring to fore the craft that the weavers work with. When I started this socially innovative label, I wanted to concentrate on my people and place where I could empower them in one way or another to revive the ‘silk’ weaving industry. This was my way to come back to my roots and be connected. I wanted to glorify the beauty behind our craft and culture that our grandparents and family spoke so fondly of and how little our fellow Indians knew about it. I knew for a fact that this would be rather a very slow and thoughtful journey, where I first need to identify small clusters of Assamese speaking people who once weaved and why they stopped weaving Silk in the first place.

This journey started in Singapore back in 2017 and in 2018 I started a social media page to mainly bring awareness to this part of the world. It went beyond textiles; a platform that spoke highly about my community, culture & craftsmanship. Through this journey, in 2019 the TSC page concentrated on promoting a small accessories line to make people understand the ahimsa/non-violence/cruelty-free ‘Eri’ handloom silk that we as a label planned on using. This helped us start building the community for our niche products & creating the demand for our supplies.

The Silk Concept was also founded as a force of change and break the norms attached with silk-which has made it only a form of seasonal wear and only a particular age segment would buy.

After years of hard work & turning challenges into opportunities, TSC was finally ready to launch its main social enterprise, a gender-neutral clothing line in March 2020 with an E-commerce website but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it became difficult for us to fully launch on the given time frame. Finally, after all the hurdles since Anti- CAA, Pandemic, Assam Floods, we are making our website content live to bring forward the journey that stands for ‘Hope’ and ‘Values’. It will help you understand us a little better. We will soon be launching our e-commerce portal and you can subscribe to know first.

Through this journey, we plan to bring positive impact to our environment. Providing timeless, experimental and seasonless culturally-authentic pieces that will last you a lifetime and can be passed over to the next generation.

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