The Silk Concept


We as a company want to support different techniques and crafts. Our type of silk fabrics that is handwoven in love from Assam should travel across boarders so that we can celebrate togetherness and empower people across the world.

Handloom Weaving

Complex, painstaking, but soulful and mediative at the same time. Each weaver is extremely patient & aware in order to provide you with beautiful designs, a piece of cloth that is woven with love and care. Something that you can hold onto for years and pass onto generation.
‘Ura-Maku’ – a weaver’s tool is the essence of handloom. It helps them weave stories by hand, create patterns that speak of different tales and make sounds that remind us of bygone days.

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Herbal Dye

Experimenting with natural dyes allows us to come across produce that amazes us with beautiful colours and helps us appreciate the painstaking process to obtain the same — reinstating the fact that nature is ever so giving and full of surprises. At the same time, we have understood that their uses are limitless and diverse.

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Hand Embroidery

More than being something that enhances the beauty of a garment, Embroidery to us means, storytelling. The motifs, the silhouettes, every line and curves have a story to tell. Once you get in touch with the process, the history and the ideology that we hold firm is, when you tend to get a grasp of it.

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Block Printing

A technique of storytelling that leaves impression in your piece of fabric and heart. We carefully curate our pieces with azo-free dyes that are not harmful for your skin and planet. Our fabric travels all the way to Delhi to meet the artisans who have been involved in block printing for generations. This bond shared by two different artisans from India are inseparable and will always be connected through threads of hope to change the world.

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