The Silk Concept

About Us

The essence of Assam, untouched and unspoiled, a valley surrounded by lush greenery and timeless tradition, yet
to be discovered by souls who believe in memorable experiences. It is a rare glimpse into the history of pure silk and craftsmanship behind it, tucked away amidst the wild valleys of Assam.

The Silk Concept roots are centuries old, where the brand now looks at the revival, preservation and promotion of the silk handloom weavers in Assam. It is a socially innovative label where we create & innovate handwoven Khadi Eri Silk with other organic textiles products from Assam, North-East India, in order to revive weavers from that region.

We provide a premium range of accessories & clothing label that aims in creating pieces that are gender-neutral to evoke a sense of individuality; experimental, size-friendly & timeless. These pieces are kept minimal in terms of style & are perfect for all season & travel. It follows the principles of Slow design & Zero waste leaving no carbon footprint & positive impact to the environment.

Vision: To preserve & innovate the heritage crafts of North-East India, where magic is woven delicately by artisanal hands, creating an unique textile experience.

Mission: Our mission is to connect people, places & products. We strive to build a community where we uplift the artisans in a fair trade manner. So that we can make the products desirable for the global market.

Heritage & Roots

A seamless blend of Assamese roots that curated handloom silk, passed over from previous generations of women in their family. The Silk Concept truly embodies the tradition and legacy of Assam in the finest form.

The Silk Concept Logo

Story behind our Logo

The One Horned Rhino. These Rhinos who are hunted for sports or killed due to poaching of their horns are now listed as vulnerable (from endangered) on the IUCN Red list. Assam accounts for almost 95% of the total wild one horned Rhino in the world.
These creatures who’ve fought their way with their armour like skin fold are nothing less than
warriors and ‘The Silk Concept’ will always be proud to be recognised through this beautiful image.

The Silk Concept Logo

Artisanal Journey

Weavers refine the beauty of the raw materials with their human touch, and flaws are very much a part of that beauty as they reflect the character and passion of the individual craftsman. Their art has survived generations and it can be said that the weaving ties together people, places and time periods. Appreciation of this art brings to light the hardship faced by these craftsman, also paving the way for their future continue to that connect people, places and products.

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Sustainable Practices

Zero Waste: No fabric wastage instead we turn smaller fabrics to value added accessories that can be further sold.
Handcrafted: All our fabrics are handwoven by the artisans residing in the Northeast of India; Assam.
Organic Fabric: Conscious decisions to make rightfully choices. We use fabrics that are either herbal dyed or azo free dyes which have no chemical composition. We care deeply for our environment and mean no harm whatsoever.

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Design Practices

Slow Design: Gives this business it’s true human touch. As the pieces are made by hand, there will be variations in the weave & embroideries making it uniquely yours. This will take time to be produced as it will be carried out in small production but it will bring us closer to our roots and culture in this fast-paced World of Fashion.
Perfect for all season and age: To change and break the norms attached with silk-which has made it only a form of seasonal wear and only a particular age segment would buy.
Capsule Wardrobe: It is a concept that contains a collection of a few essential items of clothing that are timeless, all items of clothing in the wardrobe serves a specific purpose & goes well together to achieve a maximum number of different, yet personal style-consistent outfits.

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Ground Values

It’s our duty as young, enabled, sustainable & ethical labels to slow down & make our customers develop a certain thought process; to ask what, why, how and where something is made & more importantly whom it is made by?
Each piece should be selected with a purpose in mind & it is time we make our wardrobe a conscious investment. Therefore, it is more sustainable for our people & environment.

The Silk Concept Logo